Wednesday, 19 February 2014

TG 4. Gold Inside. CIty Outside. Poster by Kathy Fabian

February 19, 2014

Hello, Dear Treasure Lover,

This weeks Image:

I hope that you have had an excellent week.  Its Wednesday again and I am pleased to introduce you to the image of the week called "Gold Inside. City Outside:

Musical Interlude

Hatsune Miku. A Silent Moonlight Night. PV English subtitles 

I hope that you are having a bright and sunny day.  I have been working on the big screen and am just taking a break watching this delightful film that brings our heroine into the real world. Why don't you put down the book and the broom and go for a holiday around the world?  For the few the minutes that the film goes for, its an offer you can't refuse. It is called  

The Last Camera Safari

Last camera safari I decided to combine my quest for furniture and my love for filming around our fair city.  So I headed down to the little strip of excellent furniture stores right behind the Bay Store in downtown Montreal.
I was certainly sure to find some exquisite quality furniture and also had the view of the city besides.
Of course, I was not disappointed and the Grange furniture store even had a stunning selection of fine lamps such as the one you see at the beginning of this article. 

I have another blog about one of my favorite passions: chandeliers ( , so taking my courage in my hands I asked the owner if I could take some pictures.  Thank God for people who say yes with charm like the gentleman in this store. 

The Place of Honor

Well to put a long story short, this is my favorite image from the safari and it is now hanging in the special gallery dedicated to my latest work from the last excursion.  You can own a print of this image or only $120.00.  Write me at

I will write you next week.

Until then,

Kathy Vivian Fabian

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


 Title: Cinderella2. By Kathy Vivian Fabian

This image was done in honour of the more sinister implications of the anime film about Cinderella. You cannot beat the film for color and music. Yet sometimes the message hits the grey areas of the human soul.  These are imaginings that we indulge in only in the depth of the night. Prints created by the artist available. contact

Musical Escape

Freely Tomorrow.  I put down my office work and step into the fantastic.  What a show.  If I could only be there.  The outfit is great.  I don't understand a single word o this language.  But I can groove to the beauty and the showmanship.

Come on.  Step out of the real world into the fantastic.  Watch the anime film below.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

TG 1. About Treasure by K. Fabian

Good day to you dear Reader,

Permit me to introduce myself to you.  I am K.V. Fabian, the President of Art Fabian.  Our purpose is twofold: we strive to define the standards of excellence of our era by creating and collecting high luxury art. Secondly, we want this line of art geared to those who create the standards of excellence that will be known for throughout history: aka the very wealthy. I, as president of the company, also hope to prove that an artist can indeed become wealthy from the creation of his or her own artwork within his/her able bodied lifetime.

I own and manage the Inside Gallery which is not open to the public at this time.  So I will be giving virtual tours and discussions on the different artworks that hang on the gallery walls.  This blog is being created to publicize our company's mission and find the sponsorship that will make our mandate a reality.

Musical Interlude:

Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka - Magnet Live in Tokyo Japan. Go to: 

Meanwhile, let me present to you the first virtual tour of the Inside Gallery Winter Riches exhibit.

If you have any ideas or information on how to find a sponsorship for a financial planner or a consultant and the right team  (a bookkeeper, an art lawyer, accountant, etc.) please write me at

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