Saturday, 24 February 2018

tg203. Wild Berries

Good evening,

Its late at night and I am glad you are here.  Take up a chair.  Sip a little bit of wine and enjoy this fine tableau from the Art as a Present Collection by the Fabian studio.

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Friday, 23 February 2018

TG2. Pastel Ballerina Collected by K. Fabian

February 12, 2014

Mini-Escape with:
Gloria Gaynor at:

Good Day to You, Art Lover,


This portrait of which I call "Pastel Ballerina" is presently hanging in The Rose Room of the Inside Gallery.  The Rose room does duty as an exhibition space, studio and living space so unless you have very special permission, it is off limits to most visitors.  The Pastel Ballerina is part of a set of The Three Ballerinas which are to be eventually placed on exhibit.   They are all exquisite portraits of modern day muses, a common subject for tableaus in The Rose Room.  The very fragility of these delicate beauties are a source of inspiration and peace because they manage to excel despite their vulnerability

Of the three portraits, The Pastel Muse is the most daringly dressed with a completely transparent skirt.  Physically with her blond hair and blue eyes she is definitely part of the ruling classes. She is definitely a non-conformist out to take on the world on her own terms and not completely following the dictates of the solid and powerful class she seems to belong to.  She dares to dance and, she shuns the conservative home for now. 

Her original image did not fit in my frame so one lucky subscriber to my
 Art Fabian Riches Update Letter will receive her in the mail as a participatory prize.  If you would like to qualify as a winner of the image of the week then sign up for the letter at:

Enjoy your week. and don't forget to take enough time off to dream.


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