TG94. Stolen Memories for Sale by Kathy Vivian Fabian

Stolen Memories: Portraits of Past Collectibles

Good day to you dear Friends,

I hope that your afternoon is going well.  I am just about to take a break from the office and head on down to the library to return some videos.  I still have some tapes to read from the Royal Upstairs Downstairs Collection  They show a tour of England and show amazing riches.

How about you?  What are you watching now? Or reading about?

Well enough of the chit chat. Let me give you without delay:

Increase the value of your  Fabian Studio Print by sending it to a country that has a tradition of placing high value on its art(and getting high prices for these works). For example place it in a collection in France or Japan.

Don't forget to start shipping or mailing your work now!


I invite you to go back in time to the gallery when it was called the Inside Gallery.  In March 2014 Art Fabian held a short exhibition called The Secret Chandelier. This video talks about the after effects.


Stolen Memories: Portraits of Past Collectibles

For Maverick Collectors and Historians.
Rare Pictures of the first Valuable Gallery Collections.
You are invited to Buy your own actual copy.
Individually printed by the artist.

The Valuable Gallery is not accessible to the public. So mostly, the actual art form are these images of the exhibition. works  (not the exhibition works themselves.
 I invite you to scroll down and visit the Exhibition.  I will see you on the other side.

Stolen Memories 1

Stolen Memories 2

Stolen Memories 3

Stolen Memories 4

Stolen Memories 5

Stolen Memories 6

Stolen Memories 7

Stolen Memories 8

Stolen Memories 9

Stolen Memories 10

Well that's the Online Exhibition called:

Stolen Memories: Portraits of Past Collectibles

I hope you enjoyed your visit. Enjoy what is left of the afternoon.  I hope you like your film or your book. 

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I will speak to you soon,


K. V. Fabian
Principal Artist
The Art Fabian Company

Millionaires and their admirers!

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For that reason, we make it possible for you to buy your own image on paper!

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Remember that your support and your purchase will help The Art Fabian Company in its mission to make your image worth a million dollars.

Principal Artist
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