Thursday, 1 October 2015

TG32. Calm and Marathon 1 2013.Slideshow by Kathy Fabian

Good day to you Dear Reader, 

How are you today?  What are you doing now?  I am now in process of adding music clips to this blog.  If you stay tuned each day I am scheduled to add another one.  At this time there are fifty-two blog posts. So I have a bit to go before I finish.  

What about you?  How are you adding zing to your blog posts?

To Business
A Photo-Gift plus a diverting Music Video   
1.  An Art Fabian Photo-Gift from Val Gal (Valuable Gallery)  Collection  

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You can own any one of these images!  Individually printed to fit your living space.  Choice of sizes.  Go to: 
You have earned the luxury! 

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The Marathon film showed the grace and beauty of athletes in our community.  But there are many communities in this world.  That is why I have a little gift for you: 

Great Video Below Just for You

Why don't you step out of the box for a little bit and enjoy the beauty of the unexpected.  Yes take a few minutes to rebel without stepping out of your home.  All you have to do is watch the video below.  And enjoy this clip by a group called 5SOS. The song is called  ‘5 Seconds of Summer’:  has a mandate to upgrade Art Fabian Co. Financial consultants, lawyers and security personnel for The Art Fabian Company.

 If you have any information concerning these subjects contact:  

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Enjoy your day.

Kathy Vivian Fabian
Principal Artist  
Art Fabian Company  

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