Friday, 31 July 2015

TG26.. Retro by Kathy Vivian Fabian

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Friday, 24 July 2015

TG25. Tour 3791. Winter Riches. 15 by Kathy Vivian Fabian

March 12. 2015

Retro. by Kathy Vivian Fabian. Prints for sale at www.facebook.

Good day to you dear Reader,

The print above was in the Winter Riches 2015 exhibit.  It was in the Rose Studio which is always under lock and key,

Well spring time is fast approaching and I am preparing for the new exhibit.  As you will remember,the Valuable Gallery changes its exhibitions with the Seasons.  It is time to start putting up the Artist is Rich in Springtime 2015 show.

As I go through my archives to find the new selection of works, I also am in the process of taking down the really middle-of-the-winter Photos.  These are the first to go and will be replaced with various types of flower and architecture pictures, as well as a couple of lovely chandelier shots.  These are my in-transition staples that go well with all four seasons.  At the very end of the transition stages the Rose Studio is filled to the brim with chandeliers.  Or so has this been in the past.

What do you do when springtime approaches? Do you take out a whole new set of linen with spring flowers?  Are you into the closet looking for stuff to wear when it gets warm?  Are you planning to do all your work outside when the weather gets better?  Tell me.  I would love to know.

Have you been working? Or relaxing? Well whatever you are doing why don't you take a mini break and step into the world of Anime with this wonderful musical interlude.  Let us look at what that Sexy Kagamine Len is doing now.  Just a little peak at:

Kagamine Len - Romeo and Cinderella - Project DIVA Arcade - Len's voice!
February 24, 2016
6:15 AM

 Wasn't that delightful? I feel so much more alive now. Ah well, back to work.

I live and work in the Rose Studio and this year there are going to be a few major changes.  Come see what I have accomplished and lets go back to the past winter holidays. A special treat in the film is a look at some of the original works (still unframed) from the 'Art a la Carte' Collection.  This was a collection of works that was made to immediately go to Company Patrons and Friends: Go to:

Tour 3791. Winter Riches. 15 by Kathy Vivian Fabian:

Useful Tip:

If you ever have a lazy afternoon with a lot of energy its worthwhile visiting art galleries.  You get a free show of beautiful art (if you buy or not). You might to sell at a high price like me (remember that I am creating art for millionaires and their admirers). Or you might be of the mind to start buying at a modest price if you are just starting out.  Either way, you get to visit the neighborhood and perhaps check out the local coffee shop.  See a different perspective on things.

Go to the Link at:

List of Montreal Galleries

So all things considered, I have made a final presentation of the Winter Riches 2015 exhibit.  If you haven`t already experienced, here is the video for you again:

Have a great day.

by Kathy Vivian Fabian

Friday, 10 July 2015

Tg24. Precious Time and Massive Historical Lamps


Title: Precious Time
By Kathy Vivian Fabian,

Photograph For sale. Only $120.00. Limited edition. (Available for a limited time only).

Today’s Subject
:Precious Time

Hello Dear Reader,

I hope that you took the weekend to dedicate some time to resting and relaxing and the like.
I think that there is no artist in this world that does not have time for imaging things.  In my case there is always time in the ordinary world to think of extraordinary things. Read on to discover a little of the hidden workings of my brilliant mind.

Outline: Precious Time
 1. About the Image at the beginning of article
2. WEDNESDAY’s USEFUL TIP on jewelry care
 3. An Art Fabian Co. Film 

1.  (A little about ``Precious Time” by Kathy Vivian Fabian)

The Holiday Season approaches closer and closer and time is precious.  It seems that I never get what I want done on time.  The photograph at the beginning of this blog post conceptualizes the importance of time (and the scarcity of it).
Photograph For sale. Only $120.00. Limited edition. (Available for a limited time only).
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 2. WEDNESDAY’s USEFUL TIP of the day. 

If you want to show the world, effortlessly, that you are a successful business person, you have got to wear the jewelry.  But like all things precious, these things have to be taken care of. So I was glad to find this site about how to care for your jewels.  

 3.  The Massive Historical Lamps by Kathy Fabian

An Art Fabian Co. Film 

Speaking of precious moments, I take what I can get.  I had an appointment with an important gentlemen last week and as I got out to the train station my cell phone rang.  Fumbling to get it out of my pocket I happened to gaze up to the ceiling.  My attention was gotten by two magnificent light fixtures.
As luck would have it there were a few minutes before appointment time so I reached into my pocket and took out the camera.  I started filming at the bottom of the escalator and I started imaging the place that these lamps would have been originally placed.  I thought perhaps a regal court of some monarch.  Or a great hallway filled with dining tables.  Or an elegant country club where they had enormous parties. 
The sheer size and weight and expense of these fixtures so impressed me that I was not at all ready to stop filming when I got to the top of the moving stairway.  So I went down again.  And up again. And Down again.  You can see what I filmed at the film clip below:

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I will speak to you soon,
Kathy F.

Principal Artist
Art Fabian Company

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